A Private, Non-denominational Christian School in Miami, FL

Middle School and High School Faculty

Bible 10, Head Middle School Football Coach
David Aguirre, BA
New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary
E-mail: d.aguirre@floridachristian.org

Bible 11, Bible 9
Mark Ardois, BS
Florida International University
Miami International Seminary
E-mail:  m.ardois@floridachristian.org

Media Production
Alberto Basulto, BS
University of Florida
E-mail:  a.basulto@floridachristian.org

Anatomy, Anatomy Honors, Biology, Girls’  JV Volleyball

Lauren Beers, BA, MS
Trinity International University
Florida International University
E-mail: lbeers@floridachristian.org

Elementary Spanish, Spanish
II (non speakers)

Audrey Brigham, BS
Tennessee Temple University
E-mail: ABRIGHAM@floridachristian.org

US History 11, Honors US History 11, 8th Grade History
Varsity Baseball Coach

Chris Brigman, BA
Trinity International University
Voice-mail: 305-226-8152 #299
E-mail: CBrigman@floridachristian.org

Middle School Drama, High School Drama, Advanced Drama, 6th Grade Drama

Jennifer Bryan, BFA
University of Texas at Austin
E-mail: j.bryan@floridachristian.org

Physical Education, Team Sports

Stephen Byers, BRE, BS,  MA
Prairie Bible Institute
George Fox College
Portland State University
Voice-mail: 305-226-8152 ext. 252
E-mail: SByers@floridachristian.org

English 12, English 12 Honors, English 11

Arilis Cabrera, BS, MS
Florida International University
Nova Southeastern University
E-mail:  a.cabrera@floridachristian.org

AP English 11, AP Psychology, Honors English 11, English 8, Varsity Sports

Daniel Carp, BA
Florida International University
E-mail: d.carp@floridachristian.org

Permanent Substitute, FCS Online

Michelle Collazo, BA
University of Florida
E-mail:  m.collazo@floridachristian.org

Science 6th Grade, 6th Grade Science Honors, Science 8

Ana Del Valle, BA, BS, MA
Faith Baptist College
Barry University
E-mail: ADelvalle@floridachristian.org

Elementary Computers, Middle School Computers, High School Computers

Madeline Diaz, BS
Western Carolina University
E-mail: M.diaz@floridachristian.org

Honors World History, AP World History

Sandra Dieguez, BA, MS
Trinity International University
Nova University
E-mail: S.Dieguez@floridachristian.org

Assistant Athletic Director, Varsity Sports,
Varsity Boys’ Head Basketball Coach

Jason Doan, BA
Florida International University
Voice-mail: 305-226-8152 #246
E-mail: j.doan@floridachristian.org

Physics Honors, AP Physics, Pre-Calculus Honors

James W. Erwin, BS, MS
Floria International University
E-mail:  j.erwin@floridachristian.org

Language Arts 6, Language Arts Honors  6, Language Arts 7

Elena Flores, BS, MS
University of Miami
University of Florida
E-mail: e.dossett@floridachristian.org

Marine Science, Honors Marine Science,  Honors Environmental Science, 7th Grade Science
Nora Gomez , BS, MS
Florida International University
Liberty University

Geometry, Honors Geometry

Eva-Marie Gonzalez, BS
University of Florida
E-mail: egonzalez@floridachristian.org

Algebra II, Honors Algebra II

Ruth Gonzalez, BS
State University of New York at Stony Brook
Trinity International University
E-mail: r.gonzalez@floridachristian.org

World Geography, World History
Carly Grant, BA
Clemson University


George Gulla
Miami Dade
Voice-mail:  305-226-8152  #299
E-mail:  ggulla@floridachristian.org

Art, Elementary and Middle School
Sarah Gruhn, BS
University of Miami
E-mail:  s.gruhn@floridachrisitan.org

Middle School and High School Chaplain, Bible 12, Speech and Debate

Alberto “Tito” Hernandez, BA
Florida International University
Voice-mail:  305-226-8152  #256
E-mail:  a.hernandez@floridachristian.org

Phys. Ed., Health, Weights, Varsity Sports, Head Track Coach, Asst. Varsity Football Coach

Paul Howell, BS, MS
East Tennessee State
Florida International University
Voice-mail: 305-226-8152 #207
E-mail: PHowell@floridachristian.org

Math 6, Math 7, Honors Math 6
Christina Iglesias, BA, MS
Florida International University

AP Spanish,  Yearbook

Aileen Irias, BS
Florida International University
E-mail: a.irias@floridachristian.org

History 6, History 6 Honors, World Studies 7, Asst. Middle School Football Coach

Todd Jolly, BA
Florida International University

Assistant Choir Director

Daniel Johnson, AA
Miami Dade Collage

Physical Education, Personal Fitness, Varsity Sports, Head Girls’ Volleyball Coach

Beth King, BS
University of Miami
Voice-mail: 305-226-8152 #245

Assistant HS Principal, Calculus, Honors, AP Calculus, Middle School Girls Volleyball Coach

David King, BS, M. Ed.
Florida International University
University of West Florida
E-mail: DKING@floridachristian.org

Bible 6, Bible 7

Pete Kingman, BS, BBS, MS
U. S. Military Academy West Point
Tampa Bay Bible
University of Southern California
E-mail: PKINGMAN@floridachristian.org

Bible 7 & 8, Middle School Bible Department Head

Fernando Mesa, BA, MAR
Trinity International University
Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
E-mail: FMESA@floridachristian.org

Band Director

Tim Miner, BA, MA
University of Akron
Sam Houston State University
Voice-mail: 305-226-8152 #218
E-mail: t.miner@floridachristian.org

Student Support Services Coordinator
Kellie Moore, BS Special Education, SLD
Troy University
Voice-mail:  305-226-8152  ext. 680
E-mail: k.moore@floridachristian.org

AP Biology, Biology, Honors Biology,
Varsity Sports, Head Varsity Boys Soccer Coach
Hugues Pericles, BS, MS
College Notre Dame
Florida Memorial College
Nova Southeastern University
E-mail: HPericles@floridachristian.org

Science 7, Honors Science 7,
Honors Science 8, Honors Physical Science, National Science Honor’s Sponsor

Lisa Marie Pericles, BS, MS
Florida Memorial College
Nova Southeastern University
E-mail: LPericles@floridachristian.org

High School Art
, AP Art, Honors Art, Middle School Art, National Art Sponsor
Anncecille Pitelli, BA
Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale
E-mail: a.pitelli@floridachristian.org

World Studies 7, Honors World Studies 7, History 8, Honors History 8

Rebecca Prinz, BS
Florida International University
E-mail: RPrinz@floridachristian.org

Spanish I, Spanish II
Lesli Pruna, BA
California State University, Sacramento

English 7 Honors, English 7, English 8, English 8 Honors, Middle School English Dept. Head, NJHS Sponsor

Gladys Quinlan, BS, MS
Florida International University
Nova University
E-mail: GQUINLAN@floridachristian.org

Algebra I
, Geometry
Tania Reynardus, BA
Florida International University
E-mail: TReynardus@floridachristian.org

Personal Fitness, Physical Education, Weights
Antonio Robinson, BS
Nicholls State University

English 10, English 10 Honors, English 7 Honors

Kristina Rodriguez, BA, MS
Barry University
E-mail:  k.rodriguez@floridachristian.org

College Algebra, Consumer Math, Spanish 1 (non), Middle School Girls Volleyball Coach

Silvia Ruiz, BS, MS
Florida International University
E-mail:  s.ruiz@floridachristian.org

Pre-Algebra Honors, Algebra I Honors, Math 8

Ileana Silva-Gonzalez, BBA
Pace University
E-mail: IGonzalez@floridachristian.org

Choral Director, Co-Director of Musical Production

Jeannine Stemmer, BS, MS
Florida International University
Voice-mail: 305-226-8152 #248
E-mail: J9Stemmer@floridachristian.org

Student Activities Director, Bible 12,
Girls’ Head Softball Coach
Scott Stemmer, BM
Jacksonville Theological Seminary
Voice-mail: 305-226-8152 #231
E-mail: SStemmer@floridachristian.org

Bible 9, Bible 7

Jeffrey Swindoll, BA
Baylor University
E-mail:  j.swindoll@floridachristian.org

Band Director

Austin Tindall, BM
University of Cincinnati, College of Conservatory of Music
E-mail:  a.tindall@floridachristian.org

AP English 12, English 10 Pre-AP, AP Research, AP Seminar

Daisy Valdes, BA
Florida International University
E-mail: DVALDES@floridachristian.org

English 9, Honors English 9

Jessica Valdes, BS
Florida International University
E-mail:  j.valdes@floridachristian.org

Permanent Sub

Elda Vallina, BA, MS
Florida International University
Barry University

Government/Economics, Honors Government/Economics, AP Government/Economics

Crystal Vazquez, BA
Florida International University
E-mail: c.vazquez@floridachristian.org

Middle School Consumer Science, High School Consumer Science
Sandra Velazquez, BS
Cedarville University
E-mail: s.velazquez@floridachristian.org

Chemistry, Honors Chemistry

Kimberly Velasquez, BA
Florida Atlantic University
E-mail: k.velasquez@floridachristian.org

Physical Education, Health, Middle School Basketball Coach

Mary Whitfield, BS
Bob Jones University