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FCS Students Who Placed at State

FCS Students Who Placed at State

Congratulations to students who placed in the State Level Competition at FACCS.

Those of you who attend the annual Art Gallery know how very talented our students at FCS are.  They are amazing!  Daniela Molinares (12), Michael Ramos (10) and Sophia Irias (11) have placed or won several local competitions including the Beaux Art Fair at the University of Miami and the Dade County Youth Fair.

The FACCS competition is a time for our Elementary and Middle School students to shine.  Listed below are those who placed in the State wide competition.

FACCS State Junior Fine Arts 2017 Placements



7th Grade    Olivia Lobaina               1st place

7th Grade    Mariana Rodriguez       2nd place

8th Grade   Victoria Cabelero           1st place

8th Grade    Daniella Marrero          2nd place

Water Color              

6th Grade     Arianna Gutirrez          3rd place       

Mixed Media 

6th Grade     Zachary Bailey              2nd place

8th Grade     Rocio Lopez                  1st place

8th Grade    Emily Manzano             3rd place


7th Grade     Valery Casamayor       1st place

7th Grade     Angelina Cueto            2nd place


4th Grade     Malia Chang                3rd place

6th Grade     Manuela Villegas        3rd place

7th Grade    Olivia Lobaina             1st place

8th Grade    Rocio Lopez                 2nd place

Digital Photography     

8th Grade    Emily Rodriguez           2nd place


6th Grade    Manuella Villegas          2nd place

7th Grade    Rachel Burke                  2nd place

7th Grade    Marianna Rodriguez      3rd place


Serious Interpretation

3rd Grade: Ella Valdivia          3rd place

4th Grade Jayden Ramos        3rd place

5th Grade Angelica Otero       1st place

5th Grade Amy Suarez            2nd plac

Poetic Interpretation 

4th Grade   Daniel Perez      2nd place

Duet Acting

5th Grade: Harper Pruna/Emily Momin              1st Place

5th Grade: Joshua Aguirre/Samuel Basulto        3rd place

Biblical Interpretation

4th Grade: Rebecca Kemerer       3rd place

Bible Teaching/Devotions

MS: Hannah Mira         1st place

Nicole Deleon               2nd place

MS Band:                     3rd place