A Private, Non-denominational Christian School in Miami, FL


What grade levels are available to FCS ONLINE students?

2nd through 12th grade

What are the expectations for parents?

• Be the teacher for all courses your child is enrolled in
• Grade Tests and projects
• Monitor and check homework
• Supervise Tests
• Monitor your student’s online profile
• Calendar
• Pace/ enrichment within semester timeline
• Be trained on the basics of the online dashboard and navigating main components
• FCS Faculty points of contact will be:

Natasha Irwin – n.erwin@floridachristian.org (Teacher/Facilitator)
Mayra Gulla – mgulla@floridachristian.org (Office/Account)
Rosa Lobaoma – r.lobaina@floridachristian.org (Admissions and Communications Director)

• Have access to the User Help Desk
• Online
• Faculty facilitator
• Be welcomed as a part of the FCS family
• Prayer
• School Events
• Community service

FCS Online teachers partner with the parent in the learning process of each student. The parent is the primary facilitator/teacher on site in the home, but with the resource of an assigned teacher at FCS Online. Our program offers the flexibility to design a personal study program and location to suit lifestyle and personal preference.

FCS Online is a partnership between parents, students, and the FCS faculty. The combination of all members is important to the success of the student and makes up the learning team. A parent or guardian’s committed participation in this team is essential in making a child’s education a success. The parent or guardian is responsible for setting up and monitoring the developed learning schedule, verifying that course work is being submitted in a satisfactory manner, monitoring student progress, proctoring graded activities, and facilitating a working relationship with FCS faculty. Parental involvement equals success.

Do parents construct the daily lesson plans?
No, FCS Online and faculty manage and direct the lesson plans for each subject. At the beginning of a course, FCS faculty will establish the lesson plans working through the Guidance Department. The lesson plan set-up will include the school calendar that will guide the student through the course of study. If needed, the calendar can be adjusted when a situation, such as extended illness or family plans, calls for it.

What determines grade placement?
A student is placed based on the report cards received from the previous school/home school program. Documentation must include report card grades and recent standardized test results. Students may be asked to take a diagnostic test that will help make the placement in the curriculum.

What are the expectations for students?
As a student enrolled in the FCS Online Academy you should expect to:

• Work hard and learn
• Follow daily schedule
• Stay organized
• Keep a portfolio
• Set your own pace within the semester timeline
• Be trained on the basics of the online dashboard and navigating main components
• FCS Faculty point of contact will vary depending on grade level and subjects.
• Have access to the User Help Desk
• Online
• Faculty facilitator Mrs. Natasha Erwin n.erwin@floridachristian.org
• Be welcomed into our FCS family
• Prayer – We will pray with you and for you
• Field trips – Will be available depending on grade level and subject
• School activities – You will receive a student ID card to attend events
• Electives: Choir, Drama and Band
• Sports – must try out and make teams
• Chapel – You may attend chapel and spiritual emphasis week

Must the FCS Online courses be completed within a given time frame?
Yes, students must complete the requirements of that course within the start and end date decided by the parent and the faculty facilitator, unless permission is granted for an extended amount of time. The typical school year consists of a 10-month period beginning in August and finishing by the end of May.

Is there a payment plan for tuition?
Yes, FCS Online will set up a payment plan for those students who are enrolled full time. Students enrolled part time will pay tuition before beginning a course.

Is FCS Online Accredited?
Yes, Florida Christian School is a registered non-public school, accredited through the Florida Association of Christian Colleges and Schools, Inc. (FACCS). FACCS is recognized by the National Council for Private School Accreditation (NCPSA) and the Florida Association of Academic Non-public Schools (FAANS).

Is this an entirely web-based curriculum?
Yes, all work is done online. The student must have a high speed internet provider. All programs used by the student and parent at FCS Online Academy are internet based including curriculum, administrative software, and library research programs.

Will I receive report cards or progress reports?
The regular progress reports in each course are available to parents on-line at any time during the course. Report cards will be issued in a traditional semester format to provide the documentation needed for school evaluations.

Will FCS Online prepare my child to enter college?
While each college and university sets their own standards for admittance, the FCS Online curriculum provides a college preparatory curriculum that will prepare students for entry into colleges and universities.

College counseling services are available to support both parents and students with questions and concerns that arise throughout the student’s career planning and/or college preparation. Students and parents will be invited to attend all workshops presented on the FCS campus.

Does the student have to stay on schedule or can he/she work at his own pace?
A schedule maximizes the amount of work accomplished in the amount of time spent. Yes, students can work at their paces, but it is highly recommended students spend 4-6 hours per day, 5 days per week on academic studies.