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Discovery Program


The mission of Florida Christian School’s Discovery Department is to meet the needs of students with various learning abilities. We strive to develop successful, independent learners in an environment that is conducive to learning with strong Biblical support. Our Discovery support services begin at the primary level and continue into high school. 

Discovery Services

Please note: Florida Christian School (FCS) is a college preparatory school that offers certain accommodations to qualifying students. Our Discovery programs are designed to address cognitive deficits, including executive functioning. The Discovery program is not an in-house tutoring service and students in the program may still require outside support. Our program is not equivalent to a full-service Exceptional Student Education program, but can help students with unique abilities that meet the criteria for support.


Under the Discovery umbrella there are a variety of services that are available to qualifying students:

Admission Process

Florida Christian School is committed to providing appropriate academic accommodations providing that the need for such accommodations is documented, reasonable, and does not create undue hardship to the school.

For acceptance into the Discovery Program, the application process must be completed through the Admissions page.  In addition to the regular admission process, consideration for the Discovery program also requires:

  • A psycho-educational evaluation, completed within the past three years
  • FCS admissions testing
  • Approval by the Discovery team (based on availability)

There is an additional fee for the Discovery Program. Please contact Nicole Cloud, Director of Discovery and Student Support, for more information at 305-226-8152 ex. 270 or Please refer to the Admissions page for information regarding the admission process.


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