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High School

Our Program

Our High School program offers a robust college-preparatory curriculum, award-winning fine arts, and competitive athletics, all grounded in a biblical worldview.  Students are encouraged to grow in their FAITH and develop Christ-like CHARACTER in their pursuit of academic excellence, which will prepare them for SUCCESS at the university level and as leaders in their communities.  Our highly qualified and dedicated faculty anchor a learning community committed to equipping students to reach their God-given potential. 



We offer a rigorous and comprehensive selection of college preparatory courses designed to encourage students to think critically, work collaboratively, and invest spiritually.  With over 40 Honors and Advanced Placement courses in every discipline including Fine Arts and Foreign Language, our academic program prepares students for the nation’s top colleges and universities.  Our daily Bible classes and weekly chapels help students build a strong foundation of reason and faith, that enables them to face the challenges of a world in moral decline and become a positive influence for God’s Kingdom. 

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Curriculum Levels

At the College Prep level, students are prepared for the demands of college coursework in every discipline. More advanced students may qualify for Honors courses where the pace and depth are increased. Finally, those students who are highly motivated and academically inclined may qualify for Advanced Placement courses on par with the academic rigor of college-level courses. These courses provide students with the opportunity to earn college credit by passing the AP Exam at the end of the course. In addition, we have a partnership with FIU to provide students the option of taking Dual Enrollment courses (for HS and College credit) over the summer.  For a comprehensive list of our course offerings click below.


STEAM Initiative

Every grade level participates in the Fairchild Challenge which consists of 7 STEAM challenges and includes partnerships with the University of Miami, Florida International University, NASA Kennedy Space Center, and National Wildlife Federation.  Last year, our school received the Fairchild Challenge Award for being one of the top 16 schools in Miami demonstrating exceptional STEAM integration. 

With Project Lead The Way Engineering, students learn that real-world problems often have multiple solutions with many pathways to achieve success. With engaging courses like environmental sustainability, civil engineering and architecture, digital electronics, and aerospace engineering, students are empowered to explore possibilities, experiment, learn from failure, and turn ideas into reality. PLTW Engineering encourages students to adopt a problem-solving mindset, engaging them in compelling, real-world challenges that help them become better collaborators and thinkers.

From robotics in Middle School to the engineering club in High School, STEAM learning is transforming our students from being classroom problem-solvers to world changers.


AP Program

Offering a large number of AP courses, we have been authorized by the College Board to provide the AP Capstone program.  This an elite program made up of two courses taken over their Junior and Senior years, offering our students the opportunity to earn a special AP Capstone distinction on their diploma.  Our AP program is not just challenging, it is successful, as we have seen our test scores rise for the past five years.  As you can see our 89% passing rate for the 2019/2020 school year soars above the state and national rates!


Dual Enrollment 

Florida Christian has partnered with Florida International University and Miami Dade College to offer dual enrollment courses. These courses are taken online, and students earn college credits that also become part of their high school transcript.  Tuition is free and students may choose to work on courses during a designated elective period or after school.  In order to enroll in online dual enrollment courses, students must meet initial eligibility requirements. Students that are interested in dual enrollment must inform their assigned FCS academic advisor and schedule a meeting to receive information about qualifying, applying and selecting courses.


Patriot Scholars Program

Recognizing the rising potential of our student body, two years ago we created the Patriot Scholars program to help our most elite students become the most marketable to the top Universities in the nation.

Our Scholars program is made up of approximately the top 10% in each grade level, with goals for them to become full Bright Futures Qualifiers, AP Capstone Certified and achieve a strong HS resume of community service.  This program includes enrichment opportunities in the summer and throughout the school year, as well as, additional academic and service requirements.  We also have a Junior Scholars program that identifies 9th grade students who are top candidates for the Patriot Scholars program that begins in 10th grade. 

Program Goals:

  • Florida Bright Futures Academic Scholars Eligibility (4.0 GPA/1300 SAT)
  • AP Capstone Certified Diploma
  • Strong Highschool Resume (400+ Service Hours)

Patriot Pathways

Patriot Pathways combines the rigor and objectives of our college-prep program with the initiative to equip students for a future career in a S.T.E.A.M. related field.

Meet Our Staff

Daniel Carp

Daniel Carp

High School Assistant Principal, Varsity Volleyball Assistant Coach
MA, University of Alabama
David King

David King

High School Principal
MEd, University of West Florida