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Middle School

Faith. Character. Success.

Middle school is an exciting time for students as they transition to secondary education. All students participate in a rigorous curriculum that incorporates study skills such as notetaking and annotating text to best help them achieve success. Each class incorporates Biblical principles and Scriptures that promote a deeper understanding of the faith as well as character development.

Middle school is characterized by strong teacher-student rapport because the teachers understand that these young teenagers need to feel valued and cared for. Teachers seek to build relationships not only in the academic classroom but also during chapel, clubs, sports, and field trips. Overall, middle school students at FCS are challenged and supported to grow academically, socially, and spiritually.

We want all our students to realize their God-given potential. We provide Honor courses, Builder’s Club, and Duke TIP eligibility.

We also desire for our middle school students to discover their interests of study and be exposed to potential career opportunities and so we offer various clubs to choose from, everything from Botany to Robotics. Our students participate in numerous local and national competitions such as Brain Bowl, Geography Bee, and more.




FCS Middle School Courses

Our middle school is comprised of a demanding curriculum where students have the opportunity to take Honors classes, including courses that will count for high school credit.

Theses honor classes are a place for students who are independent readers and would benefit from an accelerated curriculum in English, Math, and/or Science.

Students at Florida Christian School are challenged to make thematic connections across the curriculum, synthesize information, evaluate points of view, and critique readings. There is an emphasis on developing strong, analytical writing skills in every class. Creativity and student choice are promoted and encouraged through project-based learning and assessments such as designing and delivering oral presentations, creating videos, skits, and models, and participating in cooperative learning projects.



STEAM Program

Every grade level participates in the Fairchild Challenge which consists of multiple STEAM challenges and includes partnerships with the University of Miami, Florida International University, NASA Kennedy Space Center, and National Wildlife Federation.  Last year, our school received the Fairchild Challenge Award for being one of the top 16 schools in Miami demonstrating exceptional STEAM integration.  From robotics to 3D printing, STEAM learning is transforming our students from being classroom problem-solvers to world changers.


Course Offerings

Click on any grade or course offering for more information.




Nearpod is one of the technology tools we are using to provide students with an engaging and interactive educational experience. It works with any device, which is why we’ve chosen to integrate technology in a “personalized learning” environment. This means that your student may choose whatever device (tablet, laptop, etc…) with which they feel most comfortable. Online tech tools such as Nearpod are used inside and outside of the classroom – as teachers can assign homework and projects incorporating these tools.

Each classroom is equipped with the latest technology – Mimio Boards – which have mirroring capabilities, built-in CPU’s that allows dynamic learning to take place.

Now, if you are concerned about your student being on their phone in class all day, we do have a cell phone policy that restricts usage. Students must place their phones in the cell phone storage area upon entering the classroom. If that is their only tech device, teachers may allow them to retrieve them when working on an in–class assignment that requires the use of a device. However, teachers can move about the room to monitor usage and many of the applications have monitoring capabilities built-in.  

We recently completed an entire multi-campus renovation project where the classrooms received all new flooring, furniture and LED lighting, to give them a modern look that is consistent with 21st-century learning.  


And beyond...

Yes, and while academics are of ultimate priority at FCS, we understand that most parents believe that as their children enter Middle School they are also entering a very different world.  A world their child and they themselves as a parent do not understand.

In our current society of peer pressure and social media, their environment and support system can either help build your child or tear them down. That is why FCS is not only committed to providing your student with excellent academics, but also a community of administrators and faculty you can trust along with open lines of communication as we partner together for the success of your child not only academically, but socially, emotionally and spiritually.  We hope to encourage Christlikeness in students and instill in them a desire to know more about God and finally to encourage students to apply Bible knowledge to their daily lives.

Meet our Middle School Administration

Patricia Perez

Patricia Perez

Middle School Principal
EdS, Florida International University
Masters in TESOL, University of Miami
Lisa Pericles

Lisa Pericles

Middle School Assistant Principal
MS in Ed.Leadership, Barry University